Products & Services

You have the freedom to provide advice, products, and services on your clients’ terms.

Janney gives you considerable flexibility to offer a variety of products and services that add convenience and value to your client relationships and the autonomy to build your practice as you see fit. This begins on your first day, and it continues throughout your career at Janney.

Retirement Income Evaluator (RIE)

Retirement Income Evaluator (RIE)

RIE is a planning tool that helps Financial Advisors show and track progress toward a client’s retirement income goals. It is one of a suite of advanced financial planning tools in Janney's implementation of Advicent's NaviPlan platform.

  • One easy to use tool
  • Asset allocation
  • Review gains & losses
  • Performance snapshots
  • Capture & review notes
  • Upload data to other planning tools

"We do not have a proprietary focus. We maintain an open architecture for product and solution access—no product haircuts, and no competition between different areas of the firm."

Kevin J. Reed, Senior Vice President, Head of Wealth Management

Wealth Management

  • Managed Solutions Group
  • Product Research & Due Diligence
  • Investment Strategy Group
  • Separate Account Manager Platform
  • Investment Company Solutions
  • Insured Solutions
  • Advisory Accounts (include discretionary and non-discretionary, Professional money Management, Asset Allocation and Do-it-Yourself solutions)
  • Financial Planning Platform
  • Janney Capital Management 
  • Cash Management Services
  • Trust Services
  • Financial & Estate Planning
  • Janney Retirement Plan Services
  • Securities-based Lending and Margin Lending 
  • Fully Paid Securities Lending 

Fixed Income

  • Taxable Trading
  • Taxable New Issues
  • Municipal Trading and Underwriting
  • Public Finance
  • Fixed Income Strategy & Research
  • Bank Funding and Investor Solutions(CDs)

Equities & Investment Banking

  • Equity Sales
  • Equity Trading
  • Equity Syndicate
  • Equity Research
  • Investment Banking
  • Public Offerings
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Private Placements